The "Prince Charles" and the snail

We were finishing the design to the "Prince Charles" today.

This will be the dearest nosepick in our range. It has a specially designed bone scooper at one end and a diamond cut plucker/trimmer at the other.

This got me thinking about that difficult to handle bogey - the snail - which has a hard head but an unexpectedly long slimy tail. Current nosepick designs deal with plug bogeys and gel bogeys remarkably well. The gentleman need seldom resort to the use of the finger in polite company these days. From the cheapest, throw away "Mr Digger" design to the keenly awaited "Prince Charles" the gentleman is always ready to deal with those annoying nasal obstructions.

But snails are a nuisance. Of course many gentlemen become skilled snail handlers and can invariably guarantee that the snail correctly congeals to the nosepick. A gentleman may not always be in such control though. Who has not had the embarrassing experience in good company of being left with a dangling snail tail?

So I have been thinking. I suspect that it may be possible to design the nosepick in such a way that electro-static attraction can be used to improve snail tail adherence.

We intend to try a mock up of this design this evening and I will post again soon to let you know the results of our little experiment.

Happy nose picking!

Of course if any readers have comments on our nospeick range or the problem of snail tail adhesion we would be delighted to hear their comments below.

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